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WX-8000 Microwave Digestion System

Price : $17,500.00

The WX-8000 Microwave Digestion System is a practical microwave instrument, which can simultaneous process 10 sets of 100mL vessel. It has technical grade cavity coated with 5-layer Teflon, which make it very robust under harsh work condition. The WX-8000 Microwave Digestion System could digest all most all the samples from the area of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, polymer, alloy, ore and environment, which is an ideal choice for regular-batch of sample pretreatment.

Key Features

◆ Classic microwave source design

Adopt Panasonic inverter technology and realize non-pulse continuous microwave output, which can satisfy regular-batch continuous tunable microwave output.

◆ Wide viewing window

Wide viewing window allows user to observe the whole digestion process very easily

◆ Dual temperature and pressure measurement and control system

Temperature sensor directly monitors and controls temperature change inside the reaction vessel in real time. High precision high temperature melt pressure sensor directly measures the pressure of the reaction vessel in real time and cooperates with temperature sensor to control the pressure.

◆ User-friendly operating system

Sloping touch panel design with 5.6” colorful LCD screen can satisfy the requirement of intuitive and convenient operation.

◆ Cavity

Industrial-quality components made of 316L stainless steel and built by seamless laser welding

Multi-layer Dupont PFA coating efficiently protects cavity away from corrosion

Maximum withstanding temperature: 350℃

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Microwave CavityIndustrial special designed microwave resonant cavity
Material of Cavity316L Stainless steel
AC Power Input220-240 V, 50 Hz, 15 A
Power Consumption2400 W
Maximum Microwave Power Output2000 W
Microwave Frequency2450 MHz
Microwave Emission ModeNon-pulse continuous microwave output
Microwave Control ModeHigh frequency closed-loop feedback (PID) control
Volume of Resonant Cavity53 L
RotorsKJ-100 Digestion vessel
Pressure System

Pressure measurement range: 0-1500 psi

Pressure measurement precision: ±0.1 bar

Temperature System

Temperature measurement range: 0-300 ℃

Temperature measurement precision: ±0.1 ℃

Temperature control stability: ±1 ℃

Exhaust System

Anti-corrosion converting-frequency centrifugal blower

Maximum air-flow capacity is 5 m3/min

Ambient Temperature0-40 ℃
Air Humidity15-80 %RH
Dimensions (W × D × H)22 × 26 × 26 in
Weight143 lb

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